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Hello there! I'm Jeanne.

This portfolio, which started as an assignment way back in graduate school for learning to work with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, became a sort of labor of love over the years. It contains a lot of information. It also continues to be my experimental playground as I learn new techniques, products, and web skills. :) And of course I was always adding new work experience (until I retired, that is). But links are always going out of date, so this site is always "under construction."

In my graduate class I started out learning to use frames and rollovers and basic HTML. My dream was to gain a better command of all the capabilities of products like Dreamweaver and Frontpage for website organization and management, and eventually use CSS and Server-Side Includes and more of a "bread-crumb" trail interface, along with other newer web technologies and programming languages. I also wanted to do more development with Flash and Fireworks. As years went by, some of that happened, and some never made it off the bucket list.

Anyway, you can use the buttons to the left or the site directory or search engine below to locate the topics that most interest you. You also can view samples of my work and get to know me better at:

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  • Programming - I discuss my education and my work experience as a programmer/analyst and feature several business information systems (using database technology) and other programs I've worked on from the past ten years. More recently I have developed PERL CGI scripts and Javascript pages using OOP for Purdue and Excel spreadsheet programming for Tippecanoe Child Care and Community Family Resource Center. Examples and/or live websites are provided and the processes of analysis, design, and implementation are discussed and sometimes diagrammed. :)
  • Instructional Design - I discuss some of my past and current work experience in the field of education and instructional design, and my master's coursework in educational technology/distance learning. Several links to PowerPoint multimedia presentations and live websites provided, and the processes of analysis, design, and implementation are discussed and diagrammed.
  • eBusiness - My husband's furniture refinishing business and website, our activity on ebay, and my experience as a webmaster for a online international fan campaign are the topics on this page. PowerPoint Multimedia presentations and links to live websites provided.
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For now the portfolio is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5 or higher with a 1024x768 screen resolution, and some elements will require a fast bandwidth.

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