Now for my disclaimer: :)

This portfolio started out as a project for a fast-paced summer school course Design of Multimedia Instruction in which we learned Macromedia's Dreamweaver, FireWorks, and Flash. After the class was finished, I continued to flesh out the portfolio and to study Dreamweaver, FireWorks, and Flash. In between other projects, it's taken me three summers to get this far. =:o

The first push has been locating a permanent server and getting the majority of my work uploaded and functioning in a new environment. In the next pass, I hope to refine and revise and maybe get "flashier." However, I am also well aware of issues of compatibility, accessibility, and usability - and as time allows, I will be going over the site with a fine tooth comb, making sure that:

  • my images load faster
  • all images have alt tags
  • I have alternate versions, including no-frames
  • I make efficient and clear use of screen real estate by shortening and "chunking" my presentation
  • I consider issues of accessibility
  • I consider issues of different hardware platforms such as Palm tops and WebTV
  • I make use of CSS and other technologies to provide a standard look and feel to my website that is easy to maintain.

Well I'd better stop with that, since five to seven items is the optimal list size. ;) However I will add that this ePortfolio is also available on CD and I will be happy to snail mail you a copy.

Thanks for visiting!


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