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Educational Technology and Instructional Design

I graduated from Bob Jones University with a bachelor's degree in Speech Education. From there I worked for Teen Haven, an inner city Christian youth ministry in Philadelphia, PA, where due to the lack of materials geared toward interests of inner city youth, we developed many of our own instructional materials. After three and a half years of inner city work, I moved back to Indiana, earned my Indiana teacher's accreditation and taught junior high school Speech and English for one year in the Indiana public school system. From there my career path diverged into the technology field. I came to work at Purdue University and eventually earned an Associate's degree in Computer Programming Technology. In 1998, my two career paths converged when I was accepted into Purdue's Educational Technology Master's Program which I finished in December 2003. Here are some links to my commercial work and course work in instructional design and Educational Technology.

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