One thing about web work and service work - they are both 'out there' for the world to see! Currently, to supplement income while I search for work in my field, I am working at Shellie's Cafe as a cashier and hostess (where my waitressing and cashier experiences many years ago in high school and college and beyond has come in handy). Want to see how well or hard I work - or how I interact with people? Come and observe - mind you, you may catch me on a good day or a bad day, but it's all out in the open. What more could a prospective employer ask? :)

I also worked at Sears as a shelf stocker in the hardware and tools department (I have no clue what a dremel is, folks, but I can show you what aisle it's in). Sears is my first experience in retail - not counting our little booth at Countryside Antique Mall and our flea market adventures. I discovered a few similarities between the two, lol! In retail, full shelves and their presentation is key (which also relates to my web design and to my instructional design training and experience) - and sometimes you have to climb, crawl, and drag/push a lot of heavy stuff around. ;) I also ran a grocery lane at Meijer's SuperStore (where my experience designing a barcoding system for Purdue and doing factory piece work many years previously came in handy). :)

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