Information Security Curriculum Development Conference (2005)

In the last semester of my Master's work I received an email from a mailing list. It was from Dr. Melissa Dark from Purdue's School of Technology. She was looking for someone to fill a graduate assistantship in professional ethics and compliance in her area. I wrote back and said that I would be graduating and unavailable but that my final project had been had been on developing training in ethics and compliance for Purdue's Office of Research Administration. I also asked if the literature review portion of my final report would be possibly useful to her and offered to send it. I was somewhat surprised when she said yes, and even more surprised when she invited me to co-author an article with her for publication. We initially wrote the paper for Computers and Society but after a year submitted it to InfoSecCD when we received no response. In the fall of 2005 I had the opportunity to travel to Kennesaw University in Georgia to present the paper at InfoSecCD and also had the opportunity to be a peer reviewer for this conference. It was an exciting time! :) Here's our formal reference:

Dark, M. J. and Winstead, J. 2005. Using educational theory and moral psychology to inform the teaching of ethics in computing. In Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on information Security Curriculum Development (Kennesaw, Georgia, September 23 - 24, 2005). InfoSecCD '05. ACM Press, New York, NY, 27-31. DOI=

And you know what? It's still an exciting time, because while searching for something else, I have recently come across two scholarly works on the web that have cited our paper! (thus fulfilling every graduate student's dream :D)

Jocoy, C. and Biase, D. Plagiarism by Adult Learners Online: A case study in detection and remediation. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, Vol 7, No 1 (2006), ISSN: 1492-3831

Ferrel, D., Gonzalez, D., and Wexler, S. Teaching Ethics in a New World of Technology.

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